Coma Club 2021 is at Stagebox, Refshaleøen

Refshalevej 189, 1432 KBH K


Shuttle Bus Service from Christianshavn from 21 – 24.


Welcome to Coma Club

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to this wild and crazy party with Copenhagen’s finest party people !!

Doors are open from 21-24 – at midnight, we close the doors.

We know there is a crazy party animal inside all of you and we can’t wait for the insaneness to start. Please party with respect for each other, Stagebox and Coma Club. This is your community, so take care of it !

Have fun & see you there!

The Coma Club



It is important that everyone feels comfortable. So remember to look after yourself and each other along the way and all the way back to reality! Please keep this in mind and behave properly – just like you usually do.


Please take our dress code seriously. If you do not, Coma Club reserves the right to reject you at the entrance and we will refund your ticket !


According to Danish law, a valid Coronapass is needed for this event. Please make sure to follow the official regulations from the government to attend the event. If you’ve been in close contact with someone who has been tested positive or you think there is a possibility that you might have it, please stay at home out of respect for the community.


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